Mercer Estates, Prosser, WA

I recently visited Mercer Estates in Prosser, WA and chatted with Jenna Hannan, Director of Hospitality. Relatively new, Mercer Estates is a delightful facility with cool and comfortable barrel stave furniture on the patio (built by the wine maker’s 16 year old son) and a more refined finish on the interior. Definitely check out the vintage black and white photos of the Mercers and the Hogues that adorn the walls.

They do things a little differently at Mercer, beginning with the tasting options. You have a choice of either tasting at the bar or doing a sit down tasting flight at the well appointed tables. The sit down tasting is a great idea and very popular, allowing groups to sit and relax while tasting the wines side by side. Very relaxing with the added bonus of being able to go back and forth comparing the different wines.

Mercer Estates is a collaboration between the Hogues and the Mercers, both families with deep agricultural roots in the area. Yes, we are talking about the same Hogues from Hogue Cellars, one of the oldest wineries in the state. In fact, the wine maker is David Forsythe, the man responsible for many of Hogues finest efforts.

We tasted many wines and my favorite of the afternoon was the ’07 Merlot, followed closely by the ’07 Syrah, which is only available to Wine Club Members at this point. The ’08 is due to be released soon and I am looking forward to tasting it. I don’t want to get caught short on that one!