Davenlore and Recovery Red

Gordon_TaylorGordon Taylor from Davenlore Winery and his niece at the Richland Farmer’s market. The Recovery Red is like growlers for wine. The blend changes every three months and the bottle can be refilled at a number of different locations in Richland, West Richland, Prosser and Yakima. $25 for the initial purchase, then $15 for a refill… Such a deal! Gordon has a full quiver of other wines, my two favorites being the Durif (petit syrah) and the Petit Verdot. To see a video Gordon and I did previously, click here

“If you’re buying, I’m drinking! ~ Corky

DavenLore Winery – Prosser, WA

It’s always a pleasure chatting with Gordon Taylor of DavenLore Winery. He and his wife Joan Davenport, affectionately known as “Dr. Dirt”, always manage to produceĀ  a great variety of new releases year after year. In this sement, Gordon and I taste the new Port (ok Syrah Forte if we must) right out of the barrel. It is the first Port to be made with grapes from the new Snipes Mt. AVA. What a treat! We also taste his new Durif, also known as Petit Syrah in some parts of the world.

Gordan also shows us how the wax capsule is put on the bottles of Port.