Tasawik Vineyards

This was a glorious morning out at Tasawik Vineyards above the Snake River with owners Erik Dahle and Sara Broetje. This is a beautiful site, a real winemaker’s dream. They currently have 7 acres planted on the hand-carved terraces above the river with plans to plant 50 more acres next spring.

They also have a tasting room in Prosser, WA at the Winemaker’s Loft. Their ’05 Reserve Merlot just won a Double Gold at the West Coast Wine Competition.

DavenLore Winery – Prosser, WA

It’s always a pleasure chatting with Gordon Taylor of DavenLore Winery. He and his wife Joan Davenport, affectionately known as “Dr. Dirt”, always manage to produceĀ  a great variety of new releases year after year. In this sement, Gordon and I taste the new Port (ok Syrah Forte if we must) right out of the barrel. It is the first Port to be made with grapes from the new Snipes Mt. AVA. What a treat! We also taste his new Durif, also known as Petit Syrah in some parts of the world.

Gordan also shows us how the wax capsule is put on the bottles of Port.

Heaven’s Cave ~ Make the Dash Count

What an honor to be able to speak to April and learn more about what they do at Heaven’s Cave. I know it sounds hard to believe, but they are actually a non-profit foundation that donates all their revenue (after operating expenses and taxes) to charities that serve at-risk youth. How cool is that! AndĀ  the board of directors are actually middle school and high school kids who make all the decisions about how the money is distributed, with some adult supervision. Click here to learn more about the Make the Dash Count Foundation.

They are also having a big fundraising event over Memorial Day weekend in Prosser, WA next to the winery. Click here to learn more about the events associated with the 5th Annual Dash Race for the Kids.