Heaven’s Cave ~ Make the Dash Count

What an honor to be able to speak to April and learn more about what they do at Heaven’s Cave. I know it sounds hard to believe, but they are actually a non-profit foundation that donates all their revenue (after operating expenses and taxes) to charities that serve at-risk youth. How cool is that! And  the board of directors are actually middle school and high school kids who make all the decisions about how the money is distributed, with some adult supervision. Click here to learn more about the Make the Dash Count Foundation.

They are also having a big fundraising event over Memorial Day weekend in Prosser, WA next to the winery. Click here to learn more about the events associated with the 5th Annual Dash Race for the Kids.

Picazo 7 Seventeen

I spent a great afternoon hanging with Trina, the wine manager, and Chef Frank Magana at his restaurant, Picazo 7 Seventeen in Prosser, WA.  They just won the Grand Award from Washington Wine Commission for their support of Washington wine. This is a great  place that is consistently packed – calling ahead for a reservation is highly recommended, especially on Friday or Saturday evening. Wednesday night is Wine Industry Night, with discounts for anybody working  in the wine industry.

I was honored to share a bottle of Spanish wine, Vinas Magana ’05 Merlot, given to him for his birthday. I also took home a bottle of my favorite Viogner from Maison Bleue Winery, also in Prosser, WA.