Tapteil Winery celebrates 30 years on Red Mountain

I just published this Google Business View project for Larry and Jane Pearson, owners of Tapteil Winery Congratulations on 30 years on Red Mountain!

I also provided the entertainment for the Vine Club party a couple of weeks ago. This was my view…

And then we were treated to this sunset…

I am such a lucky wino!!!

Market Vineyards

I had the pleasure of interviewing Erin Sagadin, the tasting room manager at Market Vineyards, a few days ago. She and her staff were busy preparing for the Members Party (which was a blast), so it was very gracious of Erin to carve out some time to get me up to speed about the driving force behind the winery.

I love the ambiance at Market Vineyards. I’m a member and you can often find me there on Friday nights, especially if there’s music. Click here to view their upcoming events.

The patio looks out over undeveloped steppe/shrubland , which I find very relaxing during the warmer months. The staff is always very attentive and willing to accommodate, if at all possible…